Carver’s Orchards

In Cosby, we like to tout that we are the Gatlinburg equivalent of Wears Valley on the other side of the Smokies. We both share the “quiet side of the Smokies” mantle unofficially and offer a less commercial alternative for Smoky Mountain visitors wanting to experience solitude at it’s finest.

The tradeoff is that with one exception, we don’t have any major attractions to show off in Cosby. That one exception is Carver’s Orchards on Cosby Highway here. Carver’s is one of the most famous apple farms in Tennessee (or perhaps the American Southeast itself) and it is open for the general public to come in and see why it got to be so famous.

There are two parts to Carver’s – the orchard itself, which visitors can come in and shop for all the apples they can fit in their containers (or cars) in a large, old-timey store, and then there’s the Applehouse restaurant where they serve apple fritters, apple cider, and many fine Southern dishes made with the famous fruits of their orchard. Family young and old will very much enjoy Carver’s, as there just isn’t anything like it for miles around!

If you’d like to stay in a Cosby Creek cabin near Carver’s, contact us today and we can show you which cabins would fit your needs best!